The Magi and Me

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A caravan of influential and highly educated gentiles from the Far East showed up in Judea, upsetting the capital, and risking a diplomatic incident, to pay homage to a toddler? Now what could this possibly mean to me?

What History says about the Magi

  • They were highly educated men from Media/Persia who were skilled in religion, astrology, and the sciences. 
  • They were politically influential, and considered by some to be “king-makers.”

What the Old Testament says about the Magi

  • The Word appears ten times in the book of Daniel in the Septuagint (LXX) translation.  Daniel: 1:20; 2:2; 2:10; 27; 4:7; 5:7, 11, 15;
  • The Magi were led by Daniel during the time of the Babylonian and Persian Empires.  Daniel 2:48, 4:9, 5:11.
  • Daniel had the scriptures.  Daniel 9:2.
  • Daniel received the prophecy that sets a timeline for the arrival of the Messiah (Jesus).  Daniel 9:24-27.

What the New Testament says about the Magi

  • They came from the east.  Matthew 2:1.
  • Their presence and inquiry troubled the king and all Jerusalem with him.  Matthew 2:3.
  • They were summoned by the king.  Matthew 2:7.
  • The chief priests and the scribes legitimized their search.  Matthew 2:5-6; Micah 5:2.
  • Their gifts showed their great knowledge of the importance of the Messiah (the Christ).  Matthew 2:11. 
    • Gold: A gift fit for a king – the traditional homage paid. Revelation 19:16.
    • Frankincense: Used by priests.  Hebrews 7:23-8:6.
    • Myrrh: A common burial Spice.
  • God endorses their actions by warning them about Herod in a dream.  Matthew 2:12.

Summary:  A group of influential and highly educated Gentiles showed up from far away risking a diplomatic incident to worship Jesus Christ as a child. 

See also  – Num. 24:17; Is. 60:3; Ps 68:29, 72:10.

What do I say about the Magi? 

1.  Will I be wise and worship Jesus Christ?  Ps. 111:10; John 1: 12, 3:16-18; Php. 2:10-11.

  • “And what is this valley called?” “We call it now simply Wisdom’s Valley: but the oldest maps mark it as the Valley of Humiliation.”  C.S. Lewis, The Pilgrim’s Regress, bk. 7, chap. 8, p. 125.
  • See 1 Cor. 1:18-25 for a discussion of wisdom and foolishness. 

2.  Will I continue to seek him?  Psalm 9:10, 14:2, 27:8, 42:1-4; Dt. 4:29; Matt. 6:33; Rev. 22;17.

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