Presence and Peace

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John 14:15-31: These notes accompany the sermon found at:

The Presence of God in us is:

  • Trinitarian
  • Communal
  • Personal
  • Exclusive

The Trinitarian Indwelling:

  • The Father: 
    • Sends the Son, gives words to the Son, commands the Son (vv24, 28)
    • Sends the Helper/Holy Spirit in the name of the Son (vv16, 26)  –upon request of the Son – a model for us
    • Loves those who love the Son and keep his word (vv21, 23)
    • Comes to believers and dwells with them (v23)
  • The Son:  
    • Asks the Father to send the Helper/Holy Spirit (v16)
    • Comes to the disciples (vv18, 28)
    • Lives (v19)
    • Is in the Father (v20)
    • Is in the believer (v20)
    • Loves believers (v21)
    • Manifests himself to believers (v21)
    • Comes to believers and dwells with them (v23)
    • Leaves peace with believers (v27)
    • Goes to the Father (v28)
    • Tells the disciples the plan (v29)
    • Obeys and loves the Father (v31)
  • The Holy Spirit:
    • Is the Helper/advocate/counselor/strengthener, (v15)
    • Is with believers forever (v16)
    • Dwells with disciples and will be in disciples (v17)
    • Teaches believers all things (v26)
    • Brings to remembrance all that Jesus said to the disciples (v26)

The Peace of God is: 

  • Based Upon Relationship.
  • Given by Jesus.
  • See Romans 8:31-39. 
  • “Peace of conscience is nothing but the echo of pardoning mercy.” – William Gurnall
  •  “Since peace is alone the gift of God; and as it is He who gives it, why should we be afraid?” – Michael Faraday

Big Idea:  To enable believers to carry on the work of Jesus Christ without his physical presence, Jesus leaves us his presence in the form of the indwelling Holy Spirit, and the peace that comes with it.

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