Praying for Unity

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John 17:20-26

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Big Idea:  We should pray for all believers to be in perfect unity with one another and with the Father and with the Son.     

The Basis of Our Unity:  Jesus Christ and His Glory.

  • Eternal Unity.  John 17:24.  
  • Internal Unity.  James 2:10; Ephesians 4:1-3; John 3:1-18.
  • But Not Merely External Unity. 

The Nature of Our Unity:  The Trinity.

  • Unified in Character.  Ephesians 4:4-6.
  • Unified in Love. John 17:26; Matthew 22:34-40; John 13:31:34-35.
  • Unified in Purpose.  2 Corinthians 5:15; Matthew 28:18-20.
  • Unified in Destiny.  John 17:24; Romans 8:29.
  • This Unity is not sameness or mere uniformity, but a deliberate bond between diverse believers toward a singular God and His purposes. 

The Results of Our Unity: 

  • Glory.  John 17:1-5, 22.
  • Faith.  John 17:8, 21.
  • Knowledge.  John 17:23, 25.
  • Love.  John 17:25, 13:34-35.
  • Disciples


  • Am I truly unified with my church and other believers, or do we just get along?  Do I know the difference?
  • Do I have prejudices against others that require repentance?
  • Am I truly unified with my church in the work of the ministry?
  • Can I purposefully reach out to fellow believers to foster unity?  Who?  When?  Why not today?
  • Pray for God to foster the inward attitudes and outward actions that produce unity in His people so that He may be glorified. 
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